Thursday, February 11, 2010


Toby accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior last Saturday the 6th!!! We were driving out to the Marsing Disaster Auction when Toby asked if Jesus killed Judas. I explained that Jesus did not kill Judas, in fact Judas felt so badly for betraying Jesus that Judas killed himself. Toby then wanted to know how. He hung himself. How? With a rope tied around his neck so he couldn't breathe. How? I'm not sure exactly, but he may have tied one end to his neck and one end to a tree and jumped. Toby likes to thoroughly know the how and why of everything. =)

Anyways, after a minute or so, Toby responds with "good, I'm glad he died. He deserved it." I soberly told Toby, "we ALL deserve to die and go to hell because we have ALL sinned." He started crying and said "but I want to be with God!" I'm driving down Highway 55 and reaching back to reassure him. "It's OK honey, there's Good News! Jesus came to Earth and lived a perfect sinless life. When He died on the cross, he took all our sins on Himself so He could wash our sins away. All we have to do is believe in Jesus and pray, asking Him to forgive our sins and be our Lord and Savior." Toby said he wanted to pray that and so with a heart that was bursting with gratitude I pulled over so I could lead him in prayer! What a glorious day! And all the angels rejoiced!!

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